Delphi Infotech & Deceptive Bytes Sign a Partnership Agreement to Bring advanced Endpoint Protection Platform to Market.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, May 9, 2022 : Deceptive Bytes and Delphi Infotech Private Limited join forces to bring Deceptive Bytes solution, the industry’s first deception-based EP platform, for protecting the organization, to the Indian market.


A 5-day retreat in the lush, green hills of Kerala for Delphi’s Annual Kick-off Meeting.

WAYANAD, KERALA, Jun 24, 2022 : Delphi’s Annual Kick-off took place in the lush, green hills of Kerala. The 5-day retreat allowed employees to recharge and refresh before the busy year ahead. Attendees enjoyed hiking, biking, and exploring the natural beauty of the area. The retreat was a great opportunity for team building and bonding.

Delphi Infotech and Acronis Announce A New VAD Partnership

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Jun 8, 2022 :  Acronis has announced the new, strategic partnership with New Delhi based MSP, Delphi Infotech. Delphi Infotech has partnered with Acronis to become a partner for India in the realm of cyber cloud backup protection. As Cyber data backup solutions are now more essential than ever in order to protect businesses from corruption & loss of data.

Delphi Infotech to become a value-added distributor for Brand Shield in APAC.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Jul 1, 2022 : In the hour of need, Brand Shield, a leader in the online brand protection space, has announced a strategic partnership with Delphi Infotech, a New Delhi-based IT Consulting Services company. As per the collaboration, Delphi Infotech will become a value-added distributor (VAD) for Brand Shield in APAC. As a VAD, Delphi Infotech will provide sales, marketing, and technical support for Brand Shield's APAC-based customers.

Delphi Infotech Joins Hands With Reposify As the Official Distribution Partner

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Aug 12, 2021 : Delphi Infotech, an IT consulting and cloud security service provider based in New Delhi, becomes the official distribution partner of Reposify – an external attack surface management service provider. This association has helped Delphi Infotech expand its network and reach across APAC, providing global clients with a portfolio of services that include IT infrastructure management, compliance management, and cybersecurity services.

Delphi Infotech announces partnership with ProVconnect

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Jul 6, 2022 :  ProVconnect, the leading provider of all-in-one endpoint management software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with New Delhi-based IT Consulting Services company, Delphi Infotech. Through this partnership, Delphi will become a value-added distributor for APAC. The partnership will enable ProVconnect to offer its suite of all-in-one endpoint management software solutions to Delphi Infotech's customer base of over 500 or more small and medium businesses in APAC.

Delphi Infotech Partners With Kela To Offer Cyber Intelligence Services.

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Jul 12, 2022 : Delphi Infotech is excited to announce our partnership with Kela, a leading provider of cyber intelligence services. This partnership will allow us to offer our clients the most comprehensive and up-to-date cyber security solutions available, to help them manage risk and protect their critical information assetsIn today's business landscape, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and destructive. As a result, organizations must be proactive in their approach to cyber security.

Delphi Infotech Launches Service Support

NEW DELHI, INDIA, Jul 19, 2021 : Delphi Infotech has now announced that they will offer comprehensive solutions tailored specially towards client needs. They aim to stimulate business transformation activities among customers by starting their own service support, and in turn Delphi's newly introduced technical services are sure not only to help but also revitalize your company's growth! It's not surprising that Delphi is excited about this new service. They've long been known for their commitment to providing high-quality technical support, and the company has just introduced a way of offering it even more efficiently!