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BrandShield - Your brand oriented digital risk protection tool for detecting and removing online scams

BrandShield’s robust technology scans the internet, analyzes potential threats and detects phishing threats, online brand abuse, TM infringements and counterfeit sales. Our experienced and skilled takedown experts remove those threats relentlessly.

Web & Social Anti-Phishing

From proactive detection to removal of online phishing and elimination of their social distribution.


Monitor marketplaces and websites to remove counterfeits and increase your revenues and reputation.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand from TM infringements, counterfeit sales and brand abuse.

Executive Impersonation

Monitor your executives on social media to find scam-focused impersonations.

BrandShield’s Brand-Oriented Digital Risk Protection

Monitoring the digital sphere to map attack surface and vulnerabilities.

Detecting external threats and fraudulent networks.

Remediation and attack disruption.

Protected by BrandShield

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