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Centra HCM Software: Elevate Human Capital Management

An All-in-one HR Software with Payroll Benefits


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Harness the Power of Human Capital Management with Delphi Infotech

Delve into a new era of workforce optimization and efficiency as Delphi Infotech pioneers human capital management solutions tailored to elevate your business operations and employee performance.

Simplify Employee Self Service Portal

Empower your workforce with our intuitive Employee Self-Service Portal, designed to enhance employee engagement and streamline HR processes. Experience a user-friendly interface that puts control in the hands of your staff, promoting efficiency and satisfaction.

Efficient Leave Management System

Transform your leave management process with Delphi Infotech's cutting-edge solution. Our efficient Leave Management System ensures seamless tracking, approval workflows, and real-time insights, allowing you to manage employee absences effortlessly.

Streamlined Payroll Processing Solution

Experience hassle-free payroll processing with Delphi Infotech's innovative solution. Our streamlined Payroll Processing Solution automates complex tasks, minimizes errors, and ensures compliance, enabling you to focus on strategic business initiatives while we take care of your payroll needs.

Human Capital Management Software Made Easy!

All-In-One Human Capital Management System

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and start using our HCM software designed for small, medium and large-scale businesses. Get more done with an interactive and easily configurable UI. From attendance to performance and recruitment to onboarding, manage everything with the cloud-based HR software. It is a comprehensive solution that lets you collate employee and organizational data and manage them on a single database.

You can opt for a free demo or consultation with our product experts to discuss your business challenges and find out how our HRM software would address them. Watch the video to explore more!

Manage the employee lifecycle — from staffing to compensation to career development using a single human capital management software!

Automate Day-To-Day HR Tasks
Real-Time HRM Software
Recruitment Management
Attendance & Payroll Management
Automate Day-To-Day HR Tasks

Rise higher with our efficient human capital management software, Centra HCM. The system addresses all the challenges experienced in handling payroll processing, talent acquisition, recruiting and onboarding, employee benefits calculation, attendance and other HR processes.

It combines more than 42 comprehensive features to support all HR management operations

  • Runs on business intelligence (BI) tools.

  • Unified and secure database.

  • Efficient and easy-to-use system.

  • Faster, on-demand information sharing.

  • Fully customizable to meet the organization’s requirements.

  • Centralized HR database to store all past and present employee info.

  • Provides real-time information about workforce performance.

  • Generates meticulous reports in a variety of flexible formats.

  • Cloud solution, accessible on any device.

  • Includes advanced information security features.

Real-Time HRM Software

With its capabilities to track employee data and analyze them, Centra HCM helps organizations to improve workforce management and enhance efficiency of your HR department.

  • Real-time HCM application provides access to current data whenever needed.

  • Integrates all HR department data into a single database and generates a relevant analytical report.

  • Improves data accuracy by streamlining operations.

  • Reduces administrative and data entry work for HR professionals.

Recruitment Management

    The cloud HR software has innovative capabilities that enable users to steer the entire recruitment process including aspects such as manpower planning, requisitions, candidate screening, filtering, sorting, ranking and selection in any direction or manner they want. Users can define the recruitment process and onboard new recruits without complications.

Attendance & Payroll Management

Payroll can be computed using data about attendance, shift schedules and benefits.

  • Integrated with biometric reader to accurately record employee work hours.

  • Automates attendance and leave tracking.

  • Keeps compensation benefits and deductions up to date.

  • In compliant with tax regulations.

Leverage AI in Human Resource Management and Recruiting

AIFA - Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications is an AI-based HR solution with smart features to analyze and predict outcomes that reduce the talent gap. Our integrated AI in HCM makes it easy to access and update employee information, automates repetitive tasks, boosts the hiring process and more, without the complications of human errors.

Powerful Features & Functions Of Our HCM Software


Includes a complete directory of employee profiles


Automates recruitment process for speedy onboarding


Tacks and manages payment transactions to ensure all employees are timely compensated.


Documents every detail about employees (address, social security number, marital status etc.)


Automatically calculates payroll, based on employee designation, job profile, hours worked etc.


Interactive dashboards with multiple filters to generate reports in required formats.


Automates attendance tracking, schedules employee shift timings and monitors work hours


Monitors and controls all operational expenses.

Powerful Modules Of Our ERP systems


Customer Relationship Management


Equipment Servicing Management

Financial Management & Accounting

& Distribution

Project Costing Management


Human Resource Management

Warehouse Management Module


Fixed Assets Management Module

Quality Control Module

Inventory Management Module

Supply Chain Management Module

Verticals We Cater To

Retail Management



Building & Construction

Wholesale & Distribution


Education Management

Trade & Services 

Marine Engineering

Cleaning Solutions

Laundry Management

Food & Beverage 

Rental & Services

Field Service Management

Waste Management

The best suited HR management application tailored to your needs!


Centra HCM - FAQs

What is Centra HCM?

Centra HCM is an automation-driven Human Capital Management software with all-encompassing modules for workforce management and payroll administration.

What are the features of Centra HCM?

Centra HCM is equipped with features to manage employee information, hiring, recruitment, financials, accounting payroll, taxes, reports, analytics, timesheets, attendance, and more.

In which countries does Focus Softnet provide Centra HCM?

Centra HCM could be availed in the USA (United States of America), Canada, India, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

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