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Enhance Business Email Security with DMARC Analyzer




DMARC, SPF, and DKIM Check for Secure Email Authentication

Enhance your email security with a comprehensive DMARC, SPF, and DKIM. Ensure robust authentication protocols to safeguard your communication against unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

Understanding DMARC for Enhanced Email Security

Delve into the intricacies of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) on our informative page. Learn how DMARC reinforces your email security posture by preventing phishing attempts and unauthorized access. Explore the key components and implementation strategies to establish a robust defense against email-based threats.

Verifying SPF and DKIM Records Against DNS Spoofing

Navigate the nuances of SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records on our dedicated URL. Uncover the significance of checking SPF records to authenticate senders and validating DKIM signatures to ensure message integrity. Safeguard your domain against DNS spoofing attacks with a meticulous examination of these critical email authentication mechanisms.

Understanding Spear Phishing and Fake Email Senders

Cybercriminals consistently take advantage of how easy it is to impersonate an organization’s email to dupe their customers, supply chain and even their own employees. Domain spoofing, where an attacker essentially forges your email to make it look as though their communication has come from a trusted source, is a common tactic used in phishing campaigns and business email compromise (BEC), the use of which grew by 54% and 67% respectively in the last 12 months alone[1]. It’s a big reason why email continues to be the tool of choice for cyber attackers.

Ignoring this problem can significantly impact your brand reputation, business relationships and the successful delivery of your own outbound business email. To successfully combat this type of attack you need full visibility into all email senders using your domain to identify legitimate versus fraudulent senders.

Enter Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC).

Stop email impersonation through domain spoofing

Put a stop to fraudulent senders with complete visibility into who is sending mail on your behalf.

Effective Defense Strategies Against Spoof Emails with DMARC Analyzer

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your organization against cyber threats is paramount. Leveraging advanced security apps like Mimecast Web Security can significantly enhance your defenses against various online risks, including the ever-prevalent threat of spoof emails. Spoof emails, often used as a vehicle for malware attacks, can deceive recipients and compromise sensitive information. To effectively combat these threats, implementing DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) Analyzer can prove instrumental. This protocol empowers organizations to authenticate their email domains, thereby preventing unauthorized entities from sending spoof emails on their behalf. By configuring DMARC policies alongside Mimecast's robust security measures, you create a multi-layered approach that not only fortifies your security on the web but also ensures a cyber-secure environment, resilient against potential malware attacks.

DMARC Empowers Email Senders And Receivers


  • See who is sending email on your behalf, what mail is legitimate and what is not.
  • Publish a DMARC record to instruct ISPs what to do when email doesn’t pass authentication.
  • Protect customers and your supply chain against phishing attacks using your owned domains.


  • Distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent senders; quarantine or reject mail from all unauthenticated sources.
  • Protect employees by stopping impersonation and phishing attacks using your owned domains before they reach inboxes.

Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

DMARC is a key tool in defeating email impersonation, and is part of a broader defensive arsenal. DMARC is the most effective way to combat direct domain spoofing most often used to target those outside your perimeter. But there are other types of impersonation too, including those using similar domains to yours, that DMARC cannot detect or stop. These can target customers and your supply chain and are also often used to trick your own employees. Mimecast offers end-to-end protection as an email sender and receiver and delivering perimeter and beyond perimeter protection.

Combine best-of-breed tools from Mimecast to better protect your organization, brand, customers and supply chain.

Email Sender

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer

  • Gain 360-degree email channel visibility and governance across email channels with an easy-to-use service.
  • Simplify DMARC deployment using a step-by-step approach and tools designed for self-service.
  • Receive alerts, reports and charts to help achieve DMARC enforcement faster, and monitor ongoing performance.

Email Receiver

  • Detect and stops business email compromise and impersonation attacks, including social engineering campaigns that use similar or lookalike domains to trick your employees into clicking.
  • Enforce DMARC policy so that your email system can distinguish between legitimate and malicious senders - quarantine or reject (block) unauthenticated mail.

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer key features

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer is a 100% SaaS solution that reduces the time and complexity of enforcing DMARC authentication.

User-friendly aggregate reports and charts for faster analysis and DMARC policy enforcement.

Quick and simple DNS updates with DMARC record setup wizard.

Summary daily and weekly reports to track progress over time.

Check DNS changes over time and get proactive email prompts when a record changes.

Forensic reports to help track down malicious email sources.

Unlimited users, domains and domain groups to ensure full coverage and a more effective project.

Enhanced security with two-factor authentication.

Managed Service option helps to de-risk and deliver DMARC enforcement in the shortest possible time, with proven deployment and project management expertise.