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Centra CAFM Software : 

Computer-Aided Facility Management Software

Streamlined Facility Management Solutions

Enhance your business operations with our cutting-edge Facility Management Solutions. We specialize in streamlining processes to optimize efficiency and elevate the overall management of your facilities.

Resolving Business Problems through Effective Operation and Management

Unlock the potential of your business by addressing complex challenges through our comprehensive facility management solutions. Our approach focuses on seamless operation and management, offering tailored strategies to tackle diverse business problems. From optimizing resource utilization to enhancing security measures, our solutions are designed to propel your business towards success.

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Cloud Based And Computer-Aided Facility Management Software

Reduce Costs And Build Efficiencies

Our computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software also enables cost reduction and builds efficiencies. It aids you in developing long-term planning of available space, maintenance, facilities and budgets to ensure the operations align with your business goals. Know how our unified, user-friendly and cloud-based facility management software helps you overcome business challenges!

Are you ready to modernize operations with our computer aided facility management software?

Service and Maintenance Management
Customizable Dashboards
Total Maintenance Management
Easy Reporting
Service and Maintenance Management
The facility management system provides a user-friendly interface to define and maintain preventative maintenance schedules. Its calendar-based UI helps in defining date-specific timeframes and helps in efficiently monitoring all work orders and tracking their progress. With Centra CAFM, you can:

  • Manage high volumes of reactive maintenance requests through SLAs.
  • Tackle all maintenance issues and resolve them with effective ticketing tools.
  • Assign and distribute service requests and quick allocation of tasks.
  • Create and control extensive task schedules by minutes, hours and days.
  • Enable total control over resources and equipment.
  • Automate the creation of repetitive tasks based on templates.
  • Provide instant feedback on task progression based on SLA deadlines.
  • Reduce response and rectification time.
Customizable Dashboards

    Centra CAFM software is equipped with easy-to-configure dashboards that would provide you with critical information through intuitive info-panels, to track all facility maintenance processes. The dashboards are fully customizable and can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Fully customizable UI to add/remove features as required.

  • Flexible workflow creation and monitoring from any device.

  • Easily configurable display options to view business data.

  • User defined workflow rules.

  • Comprehensive tracking of workflows.

  • Reminders and automated notifications for pending tasks and approvals.
Total Maintenance Management

    As an optimal facility management software, Centra CAFM helps in keeping track of all types of repair and planned preventive maintenance requirements in buildings. This includes effective management of asset life cycles, maintenance strategies, scheduling, contracts and work-in-progress details.

    • Create and maintain work orders for planned preventive maintenance.
    • Maintain records of all breakdowns and relevant follow-ups.

    • Raise, track and close work orders and service requests.

Easy Reporting

    Our SaaS based CAFM software has a reliable reporting module that helps in improving operational efficiency and optimizing costs. The reporting features enable you to:

    • Create customizable reports in simple and complex formats.
    • Generate data-driven analysis and insights.
    • Import and export reports in desired formats.

Features & Capabilities Of Our Integrated CAFM System


Comprehensive database with unified data storage, accessibility and real time sync


Easily visualization of space usage, vacancies and emergency escape routes etc.


Single platform to manage and maintain all aspects of real estate assets


Ensure data accuracy, prevent formation of data silos and duplication


Generate powerful reports and monitor all aspects of your facility in real time


Cloud hosted application that can be accessed via mobile devices


Automate redundant tasks that include reminders about upcoming renewals and rents.


Add more buildings and facilities to the application and scale up as your assets grow.

Comprehensive ERP Modules


Customer Relationship Management


Equipment Servicing Management

Financial Management & Accounting

& Distribution

Project Costing Management


Human Resource Management

Warehouse Management Module


Fixed Assets Management Module

Quality Control Module

Inventory Management Module

Supply Chain Management Module

Smart, Industry-Specific ERP Solutions

Retail Management



Building & Construction

Wholesale & Distribution


Education Management

Trade & Services 

Marine Engineering

Cleaning Solutions

Laundry Management

Food & Beverage 

Rental & Services

Field Service Management

Waste Management

Increase customer satisfaction and improve service efficiency!


Centra CAFM - FAQs

What is Centra CAFM?

Centra CAFM is a Computer-Aided Facility Management software best-suited to manage and maintain facilities, buildings, and other assets.

What are the features of Centra CAFM?

Centra CAFM includes features that include end-to-end facility management, space visualization, real-time updates, data validation, 360-degree reporting, automated alerts, reminders, and more.

In which countries does Focus Softnet provide Centra CAFM?

Centra CAFM could be availed in the USA (United States of America), Canada, India, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

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