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Advanced Email Security Solutions by Mimecast: Shield Against Impersonation & Phishing Attacks

Fortify Your Defense with Mimecast's Advanced Email Security Solutions: Impenetrable Shield Against Impersonation & Phishing Attacks

Understanding Mimecast's Email Security Features

Explore Mimecast's cutting-edge email security features designed to safeguard your communication channels. From advanced threat detection to real-time monitoring, delve into the robust defenses that make Mimecast a leader in email security.

Preventing Phishing Attacks with Mimecast's Solutions

Discover how Mimecast stands as a bulwark against phishing attacks, providing proactive solutions to thwart malicious attempts. Mimecast's arsenal includes sophisticated tools and technologies aimed at securing your organization from the ever-evolving landscape of phishing threats.

Transforming Email Security With The Most Effective Cloud-Based Solution On The Market.

Mimecast’s Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection uses multiple, sophisticated, detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources to protect email from spam, malware, phishing, and targeted attacks delivered as a 100% cloud-based service.

The Mimecast services defend against email-borne impersonation attempts, malicious URLs and attachments, threats that are internal to the organization, as well as attacks from the inside destined for external recipients.

Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

Email is both an organization's most important communication platform and the application most susceptible to attack.

Organizations and employees are targets for increasingly sophisticated attacks designed to steal money, credentials, customer data and other valuable intellectual property. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection defends organizations from spear-phishing, ransomware, impersonation and other targeted attacks.

Secure Email Gateway

It used to be that secure email gateways with anti-spam and anti-virus security services were enough to keep an organization safe from email-borne attacks. Today, the stakes are much higher. While still important, approximately 60% of inbound email is spam or contains commodity malware, stopping only this traffic will leave your organization exposed to more sophisticated and targeted attacks.* Organizations around the globe are impacted by phishing attacks every day.

The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway takes a different approach to email security and protects organizations from both spam and commodity attacks as well as more targeted and sophisticated ones.

 URL Protect

The Use Of Malicious URLs In Email-Borne Spear-Phishing Attacks Is Now Standard-Operating-Procedure For Cybercriminals.

When combined with smart, well-researched social engineering content, getting employees to click on links is easy for attackers and can lead directly to credential stealing, malware infections, or the loss of sensitive data. Furthermore, keeping end users aware and accountable is difficult to manage.

Malicious websites come and go very quickly, and thus it is critical to check them at the time of click, every click, while educating users along the way. This is how Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect keeps your users and your organization safe from malicious links.

Attachment Protect

Sophisticated attackers, or their malware development partners, are constantly innovating to take advantage of both known and unknown vulnerabilities that exist in targeted organizations. Signature-based anti-virus systems alone cannot keep up as there are multiple techniques that malware writers use to bypass their detection.

The best anti-malware strategy implements an adaptable approach and applies multiple analytic techniques to each file to filter out malicious email attachments. This is the approach Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - Attachment Protect uses to protect organizations from email-borne malware.

Malware Remains A Significant Threat.

Most Attacks Focus On Extracting Money From Their Targets.

 Impersonation Protect

Increasingly, cybercriminals have moved their monetization efforts to email-borne attacks which impersonate your C-Suite, your boss, and your business partners as well as well-known Internet brands. Attackers do this to build trust, lower the guard of victims and persuade them to initiate a fraudulent wire transfer or send over some other type of sensitive information. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - Impersonation Protect specifically protects against these types of sender spoofing and socially-engineered attacks.

Internal Email Protect

For most, inbound email-borne spear-phishing style attacks are the primary focus by security teams, but that doesn’t sufficiently protect an organization. It is important to recognize that internal-to-internal emails as well as outbound emails are regularly used to spread threats and spam. In addition, organizations need to ensure they are protected against delivered email-borne files which are later determined as malware.

Mimecast Internal Email Protect extends Mimecast’s security controls to your organization’s internally-generated emails providing 360 degrees of email protection.