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Centra REMS Software: Streamline Real Estate Management

CRM Software for Property Management


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Powerful Property Management Software and CRM for Real Estate

Unlock the Potential of Seamless Real Estate Operations with Our Powerful Property Management Software and CRM

Efficient Property Management Services

Revolutionize your property management experience with our efficient services tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the real estate industry. From tenant screening to maintenance coordination, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, ensuring optimal efficiency and client satisfaction.

Streamlined Lead Management Solutions

Elevate your real estate business with our cutting-edge lead management solutions. Our streamlined approach harnesses the power of advanced CRM tools, helping you effortlessly capture, nurture, and convert leads. Stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your lead management process with our intuitive software.

Industry-Leading Property Management Software

Modernize & Automate Your Real Estate Business

Centra REMS is a cloud-based real estate management software specially designed for property managers who want to modernize, automate and rapidly grow their business.It is the best industry-ready SaaS CRM solution in the market, offering a broad range of advanced features, simplifying the management of commercial buildings as well as leased and rented properties. Connect with our experts today to discuss your business challenges.

You can watch the video to learn more about the Centra REMS.

Simplified real estate property management software with 360-degree reporting

Simplified Sales, Lease & Rental Management
Owners’ Association
Computer-Aided Facility Management
Tax-Ready PMS System
Simplified Sales, Lease & Rental Management

With a wide range of advanced features to simplify sales, leasing and rental management, Centra REMS is a comprehensive CRM solution with industry-ready tools. The property management software is capable of tracking and handling leads, opportunities, site visits, agents, brokerage costs, proposals, validities, confirmation, availability of real estate stock and current status of each sale in the finalization or legalization phase.

  • Complete operational control over sales funnel, revenue, availability of assets and other key metrics.

  • Proper distribution of real estate assets, easy documentation and statutory compliance.

  • Extensive integration capabilities with third party applications.

  • Integration with popular real estate portals and platforms and publication of asset details to generate leads faster.

Owners’ Association

Centra Owners' Association Management System is a web-based community management and invoicing portal which facilitates the management of community events, schedules, calendars, facilities and activities, with online logins for owners, tenants and community managers.

Centra REMS software has dedicated tools for:

  • Budget management - helps in budget planning and submitting it to RERA for approval.

  • Collection process management - provides built-in alert systems that monitor the contract expiry, payment due dates and displays alerts to both the tenant as well as the owner on the portal.

  • Occupancy management - allows owners to have a comprehensive layout and the map of the houses and buildings stored in the system.

Computer-Aided Facility Management

    Centra REMS software is a certified tax-ready application. It complies with tax regulations in every country where it is being used.

Tax-Ready PMS System

    Our automotive inventory management software is a certified tax-ready CRM application. This SaaS based automobile management software complies with tax regulations in all countries where it is being used.

Key Capabilities Of Centra REMS Tool


User-friendly and customizable dashboards


Track budgets, rent, payments and more with powerful reporting tools.


Store important documents and access them anytime.


Manage work orders and generate bills in just a few clicks.


Manage all your online rental listings from a single window.


Optimize and organize all your leasing and rent management activities.


Establish smooth contact between owners, land managers and tenants.


Sophisticated and multiple layered data security.

Modules Of Our Next-Gen ERP Solution


Customer Relationship Management


Equipment Servicing Management

Financial Management & Accounting

& Distribution

Project Costing Management


Human Resource Management

Warehouse Management Module


Fixed Assets Management Module

Quality Control Module

Inventory Management Module

Supply Chain Management Module

Verticals We Cater To

Retail Management



Building & Construction

Wholesale & Distribution


Education Management

Trade & Services 

Marine Engineering

Cleaning Solutions

Laundry Management

Food & Beverage 

Rental & Services

Field Service Management

Waste Management

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Centra REMS - FAQs

What is Centra REMS?

Centra REMS is a complete Real Estate Management System, and a CRM engineered for property builders, real estate firms, brokers, and agents. It is the best-suited solution to manage property sales with tools to manage deal stages.

What are the features of Centra REMS?

Centra REMS is primed with advanced features such as executive dashboards, accounting, reporting, document storage, maintenance tracking, online rental listings, residents and lease management, streamlined communications, data security, and more.

In which countries does Focus Softnet provide Centra REMS?

Centra REMS could be availed in the USA (United States of America), Canada, India, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Bangladesh.

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