Threat Intelligence




Get Inside the Minds of Your Attackers

And Respond to Cyber Threats Faster and More Effectively

Staying current with the strategies cyber attackers use to cause harm is a significant challenge for organizations of all sizes. While data is available, tracking and deriving insights from the volume of information necessary to keep pace is a daunting task. What you need most is information specific to your environment – how you’ve been targeted, what cyber threats have been blocked and why, a benchmark against others, and what actions you can take to ensure protections are optimized.

Threat Intelligence Dashboard

Do you need better insight the nature of the threats your organization faces? Is increased visibility and control over your security environment one of your biggest challenges? If so, you are not alone.  Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence Dashboard empowers security professionals to view overall trends specific to the attacks on their specific organization and dig more deeply into items that warrant closer scrutiny.

Threat Remediation

Was a malicious email forwarded to the entire company? Sensitive data sent to the wrong person? As IT professionals (and human beings), we expect mistakes to happen. The key is minimizing damage when they occur. With Mimecast Threat Remediation, you can help prevent the spread of malware by remediating malicious files or messages post-delivery.

Threat Feed

Need to incorporate threat intelligence into your own SIEM or SOAR?  Mimecast’s Threat Feed, an API, surfaces information relating to malware on your account and the Mimecast grid itself, using a third-party security analytics tool of your choice.

Threat Intelligence Report: Black Hat Edition, August 2019

This Mimecast Threat Center report leverages 160 billion emails processed by Mimecast from April to June 2019. During that period, Mimecast rejected 67 billion. Find out why.