Cyber Resilience For Email





Providing comprehensive security controls before, continuity during, and automated recovery after an attack.

Organizations need to have a cyber resilience for email strategy that is easy to manage, lowers costs and is effective at preventing attacks before, minimizing disruptions during and recovering email after an attack.

Email is at the intersection of a massive amount of risk. As the number one business application that organizations depend on for communication, it’s also the number one attack vector for cyber criminals. Despite significant investments in your security defenses, attackers continue to infiltrate your organization through targeted and advanced techniques.

Threat Protection

To maximize the protection against email-borne threats, Mimecast combines internally-developed and third‐party detective analytics with multiple internal and external threat intelligence sources. This provides customers with a multi‐layered inspection system that is effective against both widely used, commodity attacks as well as highly targeted attacks.

By serving tens-of-thousands of customers globally, Mimecast leverages this massive attack visibility to accelerate the detection of the latest attacks.


Organizations need to move and adapt quickly to stay ahead of the latest attacks. But technology is only one part of a successful approach. Most organizations have been continually frustrated by their inability to keep pace with the quickly-evolving threat landscape and increased security staffing needs. Your employees must also become more aware of the ongoing threats to help better protect your organization.

Mimecast helps organizations adapt by leveraging third‐party threat intelligence, continually assessing and deploying leading technologies, conducting ongoing threat analysis, automating remediation services, and delivering inline user education to help employees be more aware and cautious.


Email may be forced offline by a cyberattack, or purposely by IT to contain a current threat. This can directly impact business operations by preventing or limiting the ability to communicate. Access to files held in the email system can be impacted too.

To prevent these types of outages, Mimecast provides an email system that remains 100% available while ensuring the integrity of the data stored within.


Organizations Need To Keep Their Data Protected, But Accessible For Users.

Many are unaware of the challenges involved when malicious attacks occur and point‐in‐time recovery is required. Organizations mistakenly believe that their cloud‐based email management service provides email and data recoverability. 

Mimecast simplifies and automates the process of recovering email and other data held within your organizations' email environment.